The Raw Essence

Living with Less Zero Waste

Team! It’s me Meg! Happy 2018! WOOOO!


Sooooooo….I have been brewing on some ideas and now seemed as perfect a time as any to really get rocking and rolling.  So here I am. Writing down and sharing all my musings about living simply, reducing waste, and living the fullest, most adventure, laughter, and snack-packed life.


Musings by Meg include:

“It would be really cool if the mounds of trash at the dump stopped mounding up!”

“It would be great if sea turtles weren’t getting suffocated by trash!”

“I really love peanut butter!”  

“It would be super if “misfit” fruits and veggies didn’t get thrown away.”

‘Why can’t we all just compost and be friends?”

“Should I try to make miso today?”

“Yum… coffee!”

As you can see my thoughts follow a very logical and linear pattern…. 😉


I’ll share some ideas and recommendations on how to practice minimalism, consume and use less, generate as little waste as possible and try to, as my buddy* Thoreau once said,

live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.”

You know?!?


Like loving and appreciating the raw essence of life instead of getting caught up in all the clutter and distracting other bits. Also, it’s like my thank-you note to life. It’s just SO AWESOME being alive and breathing deeply and being struck with awe after seeing a really beautiful sunrise and eating delicious mangos, and I want to do all that I can to preserve and protect the good ole’ Planet Earth** where all the magic happens, so all the upcoming babies of the future get in on the fun too. 

Little acts are yes, little, BUT they are steps towards progress and any progress is a super positive thing. So here’s to a bunch of little steps and changes and adjustments towards minimalism and Zero Waste and having a bonny time the whole way. HURRAH  #lessandlovingit

*I’m not actually buddies with Henry David Thoreau as I have yet found a method to time travel back to the 1800’s.

**By the way, have you seen Planet Earth?!?….it kind of makes me want to grab the entire Earth in one big giant hug and give it about 5 million high-fives and love it forever and ever.  Literally what a cool place to live, ammiright??? If you haven’t watched it, stop reading this right now and go watch the entire first and second series! Enjoy and see you back here in a couple of days or weeks depending on your binging capabilities.


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  1. I am for sure getting these posts sent to me! I can’t believe you haven’t found a way to travel back to the 1800’s. I’ll show you.

    Totally with you on those sea turtles!

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